Monday, September 6, 2010

You have to pick your battles

Superman and I had a vigorous discussion on Saturday, not an argument per se, but a very passionate exchange of opinion. He is so set on his viewpoint and I on mine that we had definitely come to an impasse. We happened to be standing in the checkout line when we realized it. He actually asked the cashier what she thought, AS IF what she had to say was going to make ME change MY mind. It went something like this...

Superman to cashier: Now remember, I am a paying customer, and the customer is ALWAYS right, right?

Cashier: Uhhhhh, well...

Superman: SHE (nodding to me) thinks that it's too early, but I say September is definitely NOT too early to get the Christmas music out. What do YOU think?

Cashier: (looking frantically from him to me and back to him) Ummmm, I think maybe you could get it out in October? Or wait (seeing my distasteful expression) maybe the day AFTER Halloween? That wouldn't be too early.

Superman: Oh man! You know what? (turning to me like a kid who just lost a fight) If you just let me deck the house out for Halloween then I promise I'll wait a little while on the Christmas music. But YOU KNOW how much I like my Christmas music.

I consider this a compromise. He does like to get the Christmas music out early. Normally I don't mind that. I love Christmas music. So usually some time in October he will get it all out. The thing that bugs me a little bit about this is that I want to really enjoy it for the duration of the season. And by the "duration of the season" I mean that I like to listen to it after Christmas and into January a little bit. We still have lots of snow on the ground, it still looks and feels Christmasy. He's ready to put it away the day after Christmas. BUT, THAT'S BECAUSE HE PULLS THE MUSIC OUT SOOOOO EARLY. This year he wanted to start listening on September first. Nooooo way. So this is what he got instead.

I don't usually go for the creepy but this wasn't so bad. It might even be kind of fun.


  1. But why didn't you post the picture of the severed foot with the raven eating it???

  2. Yes...I want to see the picture of the severed foot:)

  3. Not so keen on the stone or the sign but love the crow - he is more Poe-ish and less Halloweenish.

  4. Yep, me too...about the crow. More my speed than the other.