Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello out there?

Ahhhh, I am the prodigal blogger. Blogging pretty well, then leaving for long extended periods of time without so much as a "see you later..."
I know this is no way to entice new followers, or keep the seven I have. (Thanks seven, by the way, you warm my heart.) I will be back here soon. Very soon. I have some Father's Day love I was remiss in sharing, I have a photography book review, and other things I've been involved with and working on. Hopefully this place will also get a face lift. I will definitely have to work with my blog consultant on that one. It's all coming. Soon...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring has sprung...and now it's gone...

Our spring, it seems, was shortlived here. We went from winter to spring, for about four whole days (I'm exaggerating a little but not much), to heat wave and then right back to spring. Or maybe we only get the two really hot days this summer and now we've already moved on to fall like weather. Who knows? I just don't understand how it can possibly be 97 degrees one day and 60 the very next. My dad says, "Meh, that's Wisconsin for ya." These beautiful blooms adorned the trees in our yard but two weeks ago. They lasted a couple days and were blown off by not so gentle spring winds. Pumpkin calls them "popcorn" in reference to a song she loves about "popcorn popping on the apricot tree".
Now school is out for the summer...we have those long, lazy, warm days to look forward to. Yesterday evening a quick storm blew through and we were left with this:
Ahhhhh, I hope there are many more nights like this.