Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Spring!

Well, actually, it depends on the day. Some days it seems like spring really IS here and we might even be on our way to hot, lazy summer days. But then I wake up on a day like yesterday and discover that it got down to 20 degrees the night before and all my plants are frozen. The frozen night was followed by a cold, windy day reminiscent of March. Definitely not MAY people. Not May. A few weeks ago I was enraged by the stinky, rotten weather. Now I'm just numb. But, in an effort to embrace the sunshine and warmth we are experiencing today I present some projects I've been working on with my students. My high school students paired with some elementary students in our district and used their beautiful art projects to learn about computer animation. Here are the resulting animations. Kind of cute! Enjoy. And focus on the positive people.