Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something I've been working on...

Here's a mixed media piece I've been working on. My Advanced Art students are working on stained glass and mixed media pieces right now and I decided to work on my own with them. I'm not done yet but I'll continue to post my progress. So far it's an illustrative representation of my daughter. She's definitely a little firecracker and not at all girly until she puts her tutu on. The canvas is large. I can't remember the dimensions right now but will post more info on it as I progress further.
Here you can see the texture I added with white tissue paper and mod podge, which I love. The mod podge I mean. It's like one of my best friends. For sure. You can also see the illustration of Pumpkin beginning to take shape.
Here I'm starting to add some color. And in the next I've added her leggings which are a bit of fabric and guess what else?...Yep, mod podge. You can see that I'm also trying to emphasize the fact that she is a bit of a firecracker.
Here, more color, and a tutu. And here, hair bows and slippers.
I'll post more when I have more. Good night!

Bedtime fun

I just wanted to share this with the rest of the world. This is how Pumpkin gets into bed at night. I have NO CLUE why Superman decided it would be fun to let her do this but now it has become part of the bedtime routine. You know, go potty, wash hands, brush teeth, get in jammies, step on daddy's face to get into bed...the usual. I'm wondering how long this will continue??? How long it CAN continue??? I can't wait to see her twenty pounds heavier and stepping on his face to snuggle in.

Ack! I really am still here...

So, yes, it has been an entire month since my last post. Again. That's terrible. But there will come a day, I just know it, in the not so distant future when I will actually learn to better balance my life. Without going into any detail, things have been ca-razy around these parts. Last week I think the only time Superman and I saw Pumpkin was to tuck her into bed at night. (That's even sadder than not posting on my blog.) But things are bound to get less crazy because I seriously don't think they can get any crazier. I AM NOT going to even attempt to catch anyone up, family or otherwise, on anything we've been doing the past several months. I AM NOT going to post Christmas pictures here, as it is now the end of February and obviously, even though I just went through our Christmas photos the other day, the rest of the world has moved on! I will, however, show you just a few photos of something we did with Pumpkin during our Christmas break. We are lucky to be able to share a Christmas break together with our daughter. We are also kind of lucky to have a nice sized hill in our backyard. We went sledding and our little Peanut quickly decided it was not for her.

She had no interest in it whatsoever. So Daddy went inside where it was warm. And Pumpkin and I made this:

We played and played and then we went inside where it was warm too. In the morning, seriously, I'm not even kidding, it was gone. The snow had melted away and she stood by our back patio window and said in her sad, little voice, "Momma, where it go? There's no snow! It awlllllll gone."
The really funny thing about this is that it is now February 27. Two more sleeps until March 1, and we have a huge overabundance of the fluffy white stuff. I am so done with this. Listen up Wisconsin, you didn't want the snow in December so now it's too late! Too bad! You can't have it now! So give it up!