Saturday, February 9, 2013

Doing Craffs with Pumpkin

Sooo, whenever I head down to the basement, to my little corner, by my sewing machine and other crafty stuff, I hear a little voice call after me, "Can I do a craff too? I want to do a craff..." I think Pumpkin just likes to do whatever I am doing. 

I know this because when I go down in the basement to run on the treadmill, she will trail after me with her tennis shoes on and ask me if she can run first. When I'm doing the dishes, she will pull a chair up to the sink and ask if she can do them too. (I know THAT won't last long.) She is my little buddy. Where ever I go she goes. Whatever I do she does. It makes me smile...

This is the "craff" we did the other day. Pretty easy stuff. You know those fleece blankets you make by tying together two big pieces of fleece? Well, we just cut two hearts from an old pink fleece blanket of hers. Then I made cuts all around the edge of the hearts.

Pumpkin tied most of the strips in knots all along the edge leaving a small portion of them untied. We stuffed the pillow and then she tied the remaining strips. And there you have it! The easiest pillow you'll EVER make! No sewing required.

She was very proud of herself.