Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Title: Wow These are Really Bad Pictures, or, This is Why I Need a New Camera!

Thought I would share what I put in the little birthday package I dropped off at my little sis's house the other day. I'll be brief and beg your forgiveness for the absolutely AWFUL pictures. The camera won't focus anymore and the color quality is LOWSY. Sorry.

I made two cuff bracelets identical to the ones I made for myself the other day in aqua and black. You can find the tutorial here. I also included a small stained glass pendant that I made. (I work with stained glass in one of my art classes at school.) For this particular pendant I didn't use any fancy bezel setting or expensive precious metal. I cut the glass, did a couple quick swipes on the glass grinder, wrapped the glass with copper foil, and soldered it. Then I soldered a jump ring at the top and added a little silver daisy charm (we both love daisies) on a short piece of silver chain to the jump ring and slid the finished pendant on a 18" silver snake chain. I think it turned out well. And she likes it! (At least she said she's her favorite color, yellow, so I can't go wrong.) I also tucked a pretty little journal and tiny pen in the package as well. An inspiration journal. Something small enough to tuck in her bag and whip out whenever inspiration strikes, which could happen at ANY moment.

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