Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks Bugaboo!

A couple weeks ago (has it been that long now??) I received a beautiful blog award from Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me. It came as quite a surprise as I've only just begun my little blog so we're still very much in the infancy stages of everything. I'm honored, and pleased, and motivated to blog even better, and even more than that, I'm excited to pick some of the incredibly beautiful blogs that I follow and pass the love along. But first I'm supposted to share seven things with you that I haven't told you yet...

1. I am addicted to soda. It's a bad addiction. It's not one particular kind either. It's all of them except Mountain Dew, which makes my teeth curl for some reason. My favs are Grapefruit Splash Sierra Mist, Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Cherry 7up, and Coke, all diet. I think it's the carbonation. I really love the fizz. It's a gross habit, I know.

2. I have two different colored eyes. Well, to be very specific, I have two blue eyes but my right eye has big spots of brown in it. Big enough that generally people notice right away.

3. I have a cat named Nani and a fish called Wanda. (Funny, eh? I mean the fish called Wanda...)

4. I love baking. My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies, and I make killer ones. My second fav, cheesecake. The real deal. I make a killer one of those too.

5. I'm an advisor for TLC at the high school where I work. It's Teens Listening and Caring, and it's a peer helper organization.

6. I LOVE fall. So much.

7. I really want a food processor. Is that weird?

Now to share some of my favorite blogs with you. I present the beautiful blog award to (I know there aren't 10 but these are four of my favorites.):

1. Flower Patch Farmgirl - Her writing is beautiful and so is her story. Her family is amazing.
2. Creative Little Daisy - Her adventures in redecorating are fun. Her pics are great.
3. really quite lucky - Love her photography. Especially when she posts family pics. Her little ones look like angels.
4. 7 Layer Studio - She is genius with the sewing machine. And she's selling patterns now! Lucky us!

So here are the rules as I understand them:
Thank the person who presented the award
List seven things about yourself that you haven't revealed on your blog yet
Pass the award on to 10 (I picked four, sorry!) other bloggers

Thank you so much again bugaboo! You really made my day!


  1. Thank you so much Alisa! Thank you for including me and thank you for introducing me to two great blogs I'd never read before. I already LOVE Flower Patch Farmgirl, but this is my first time visiting Realy Quite Lucky and 7 Layer Studio. They both truly are Beautiful Blogs!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks for the sweet words, Sweets!

    And speaking of sweets - I'm hankering for cheesecake - the real deal!! :)

  3. wow! you're a sweetie! i'm finally digging through my emails that I just kind of scanned over and missed and i'm so glad I found this one! also I can't decide to capitalize or not today. oh well. happy fall!