Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As requested...the severed foot

So, I had a couple requests to see the crow eating a severed foot that Superman included in his Halloween spectacle in our front yard. Here are some pictures taken this morning in broad daylight. Nothing really over the top, pretty easy stuff, most of which was purchased at the dollar store. (Minus the fencing which is the real deal.) Funny thing, I forgot to mention this last night when I posted the original pics, when Superman was done decorating Sweet Pea ran outside to say hi to Gramma. She found the hand (which is a completely fake looking, shiny, plastic hand with fake blood on it) in the rocks and pulled it out. She looked at it, turned it over and looked at it again, then she brought it in the house for us to see. She looked a little sad as she said, "Ohhhhh, look it. Look it the owie! It hurt. Wanna bandaid? He wanna bandaid?" Ewwww...

Disclaimer: Please don't think we're horrifying people. Sweet Pea was totally fine. We explained to her that is wasn't real. It was just pretend. (Not that she really understands at this point but she's walked passed it several times now with not even a second glance!!)


  1. ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh, the stories she will tell... :) (kinda like we do to our mom.)

  2. I love little kids and how sweet they are:)

  3. Hey...Hi Liz! (I was having so much trouble with the other blog...it wouldn't upload pics anymore...and I felt so bad bugging Chad. Kim helped me with this.) Come back often!