Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something for Sweet Pea's twinkle toes

I've desperately been longing for my sewing machine lately and sadly just haven't had much time to squelch the longing. I made it downstairs into my craft area today but did NOT get over by the machine at all because I saw these little black tennis shoes sitting there begging to be beautified before Sweet Pea's tootsies are too big to fit in them. (I got them on clearance for 2$.) Sooooo, I did this:

Hmmm...the start of something cute, but definitely not enough. So I got out the acrylic paint and primed a flower motif in white first, they are black shoes after all, then I painted over the white with some nice bright colors. Petals and leaves.
After the paint dried I decided I wanted to repeat the black in the shoe in my design so I took a black Sharpie and added a black outline of sorts to all my petals and leaves. Then I sealed the design with matte Mod Podge. (Gotta love that stuff.) Here are the finished shoes. Now Sweet Pea can have fancy feet!

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