Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another niece...

Had to post some more photography. These are some photos of another niece, on the other side of the family, Superman's brother's daughter. They have two girls, and I must say that they make pretty darn cute children too. Their older daughter reminds me of Boo, you know, the little girl in Monsters Inc. who goes through the closet door and gets stuck in Monstropolis. She even kind of talks like her. So adorable. These pics are of the younger daughter. We got a text tonight with a photo attached of her eating. Taking real bites. Of real food. Great googly moogly, they grow so fast. I can hardly believe it. This day depicted here was just yesterday, I swear...


  1. Beautiful baby, why the boot on her little foot?

  2. The doctors were watching her oxygen levels but she's fine. In fact, better than fine. Just saw the little munchkin today, all smiles and cuteness.