Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well Hello World!

The doodledaisy blog is now up and running! Thanks to the help of my phenomenal little sis and some considerable hand holding. I am not new to the blog-o-sphere, however I am a bit new to really personalizing this space and making it mine. She is my inspiration in that regard and you can read about her in her little corner of the world here:

I am hoping that this blog will serve as a creative outlet and release for me. A way for me to share the things I really care about with the world. (Okay, maybe with the few who happen to stumble upon it.) After all, what good are my talents, discoveries, triumphs, and failures if I don't share them with anyone?

My first great passion, after my faith, is my family. I'd like to introduce you. There is Paul, my husband. I might also refer to him as Superman. And Kaia, our daughter. I might also refer to her as Pumpkin, Sweet Pea, or Booger, depending on the day. There are also a whole bunch of other family members too numerous to mention in this post that you will meet along the way. I am good at a few things. I love art. All forms really, but my degree is in fine art. My emphasis is drawing but I teach a little bit of everything at the high school where I work. I also love all things crafty. And I love photography, which, of course, is also art. I've taught it for nine years and over the past year have started taking on commissioned shoots and freelance work which has been amazing and growth promoting. I am loving every minute. Some of my weaknesses include cooking (I can't very well...yet), keeping a spotless home (I don't), and I'm forgetful (but not on purpose). Please look around, feel free to leave comments, and enjoy. I hope you return frequently. (I also enjoy making new friends!)


  1. yea!!!! So excited to watch your blog grow!

  2. Did you see the post for tonight? I tried changing my favicon but to no just wouldn't work. I tried for about an hour and half.