Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Fat Quarter Addiction

Yep, I have one. An addiction. To anything crafty or artsy really, but especially fat quarters. I don't quilt. Not in the traditional sense anyway. I have machine quilted, in my own inept and beginnerish way, small little things, like a water bottle cozy and an itouch case. On a side note, my mother really loves the water bottle cozy. Really, really. With so much love she wants to make a bunch more and I didn't make a pattern. Oh well, how hard can it be to replicate the first one? We'll see. But I digress. Fat quarters. They are awesome. I like to get them when they are on sale. I feel like the piece of fabric I'm getting, in a zillion different exotic colors and patterns, is just enough fabric to do something great with...and for only about a dollar.

Thus, the easy peasy fat quarter skirt here. I used one fat quarter, a bit of elastic I already had, a bit of ribbon I already had, and some thread. (I already had that too.) First, I cut the fabric in half and pinned and sewed the two halves together so I had one longer piece. I also finished the seam, sort of halfheartedly. I knew my little Pumpkin wouldn't be wearing this every day for years to come.

Next, I gathered the skirt, again in a sort of cheaty kind of way, one quick running stitch the length of the skirt. I held one of the threads and gently gathered the fabric with my other hand. I made a casing with a scrap of cream colored bed sheet that I had in my stash. (I forgot to mention that, I had some cream colored cotton from a sheet that I also used!) Not to insult anyone who has been sewing for ages, but a casing usually encloses elastic or a drawstring. I pinned the casing to the skirt, right sides together, sewed the casing to the skirt, and finished the seam.

After I did that, I pressed the skirt and pinned a piece of grosgrain ribbon to the hem. I sewed the ribbon on and finished that seam. Then I threaded the elastic through the casing, pinned the skirt together inside out, and sewed the skirt together, finishing that seam.

Here it is completed. I apologize if my step-by-step process was less than clear. Hopefully my photos helped a little. I think I'll get better at this as I go. (I mean the tutorial writing process...) Anyway, tomorrow I'll show you the finished outfit. I made a shirt to go with it out of the same cream colored cotton bed sheet. It is based on the basic pillow case dress idea. So easy. And so cute.


  1. Very pretty little skirt - kind of flirty.

  2. you should post a picture of her in this. It's adorable.

  3. Thanks ladies. I posted a pic of her wearing her new outfit tonight. The whole thing was really very easy. Which is a requirement for me!