Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

On July 31st, 2010 my adorable SIL was married. We decided to be a part of the joyous festivities, and meet HIS family, so we packed up the van (There were five us, counting Superman, Sweet Pea, and me) and headed out to Idaho. They were married in the Rexburg temple, which is just beautiful. She asked me to take some wedding photos of them on the temple grounds after the ceremony and I really like how they turned out. (I hope they do too!)

It was HOOOOT. Sweet Pea was so uncomfortable, unhappy, name it. So we didn't get any pics of her or daddy there at the temple. He was busy walking around with her and trying very hard to take her mind off the heat. He is amazing with her.

We had a fantastic time driving cross country. We drove straight through, all the way there, and then a week later when we came back. The scenery was breathtaking. There are so many beautiful places in this great big country of ours. My fav spot, believe it or not? The Badlands. It was my turn to drive, just before dawn, there were dark storm clouds across the whole span of the horizon. Huge, looming, pinky, purply storm clouds. Lighting would zig, zag across the big sky and then...nothing. No thunder, no traffic, no houses, nothing. Just crazy beautiful, lonely, silence. I had no know, that a desolate landscape like that could be so eerily beautiful. I loved every minute.

In addition to the wedding, and meeting our pretty awesome new BIL and his whole fantastic family, we were also able to drive down to Utah and see other family, the conference center, Temple Square, one of Superman's old missionary comps, an old school buddy of mine, and so much more. It was a good trip. Sweet Pea was so good, all things considering and no air conditioning in the van. I think that after a few days she actually thought that we had moved out of our house and were now living in the van. She had her shiny, gold Angel Moroni clutched in her sweaty, little palm almost the whole way home to Wisconsin. So glad we had this experience.

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  1. Your lil sis said I should come over so here I following and looking forward to seeing more. Have a great weekend!