Friday, August 27, 2010

My Fat Quarter Addiction Part III

Oh gosh, it's more fat quarter stuff...I recently bought a dress for Kaia on super clearance for about 5$ but it's very plain. A really pretty pink color but still...very plain. I decided it needed a little something. She had another dress that came with a yo-yo type of flower embellishment and I decided to remove it and make it into a pin so it could be used with the original dress AND this plain pink one that I'm referring to. I plan on adding an applique to the dress I removed the flower from, so she will be able to wear it like that, with the applique showing, or with the pink flower pin covering up the applique. Anyway, that's really another story. The story here is about the quilted belt I made to go with the plain pink dress. I started with one fat quarter, one yo-yo, and some pink ribbon, as well as some felt, and fusible bond. Here's what I did. First I cut out two long pieces from my fat quarter that taper at both ends. You can see them here. The fabric and the pieces I cut. (You can also see the little flower I removed from the other dress that I made into a pin.)
I cut some felt to fuse to the back side of one of the belt pieces. I wanted to give the belt some body, a soft, thickness (but not too thick) that I could stitch on. I quilted the belt piece that had the felt fused to it. Just some diagonals across the entire length of the fabric. Then I cut two long pieces of ribbon and pinned them to the two belt pieces, right sides together (ribbon tucked inside). Does that make sense? Here are some pics.

I stitched around the whole belt but leaving a section unstitched so I could turn it right side out. I pressed the whole belt, pressed the opening, folding the extra fabric in, so there were no exposed edges of fabric, and top stitched around the whole belt. Then I took two small quilted leaves that I already had, some felt, a button, and a pin back, as well as my trusty glue gun and made the little pin. Here it is finished.
And another pic with the dress. I like it. If I were to make it for me I would probably make the ribbons long enough to wrap all the way around my waist and tie in the front. Similar to an obi belt.


  1. I bet that is darling on. Very pretty.

  2. I can't wait to see her in it! On Sunday?

  3. Thank you Melissa! Maybe she will wear it's a tad on the big side but we'll see!

  4. It's adorable. What is "fat quarter?"

  5. I tried clicking on your name Lori but I can't email you...I'm sorry it's taken me a while to get back here and respond. I hope you come back and check here. A fat quarter is a quarter yard of fabric that is cut approximately 18" x 22" instead of lengthwise. It makes a squarer piece of fabric (if that makes sense) and these are often used in quilting. I use them for all kinds of things. I love the vast array of colors and patterns and often you can find them at a good price.