Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seeing Things Again, For the First Time

I guess after thirty five years on this big blue ball things tend to get a bit old hat. You know, just not so wonderous, and shiny, and new anymore. Thank goodness for our little ones. It's amazing what happens once they come into our lives. Suddenly things are exciting again. Things like watching the moon rise, rainbows, puddles, looking at rocks...

Even the most mundane of tasks is incredibly fun. Sweet Pea LOVES to do the dishes, and she was thrilled today when she opened her packet of fruit snacks all by herself. She also revels in trying new foods, even if it is only once. She will nod her curly blonde little head and say "I try it! I did!"

I'm so grateful for this. That I have a second, and hopefully third, and maybe even fourth chance for first times...

Superman and I are starting to get things prepared and in order that we might adopt again. We have been saving like crazy and have picked an agency. We have the forms and information we need and have begun the process of going through all that paperwork. It's a lot of work. But so very worth it.

I can't wait for Kaia to see her little brother or sister for the first time. I can't wait to see her help point out the moon on a clear night, or kiss a little cheek good night. I can't wait to see her hold a little hand as they run across the playground to the see saw. I just can't wait.

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