Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We played hard, now it's time to work hard...

Ah summer. Superman and I love it. The great part about summer is that we are both teachers. It doesn't get any better than that. To have almost three whole, long, luxurious months away from work (well, for the most part) is fabulous. I count those three months as a big benefit of the job that I have. I may not make oodles of money but I get a great break. Superman was enrolled in two classes this summer, he's working on his masters. Even though he was very busy and stressed to the max he still made time for Sweet Pea and I. We played hard. We went to the pool, to the beach, to the park (a zillion times), to the amusement park, to the Children's Museum, to the Mall of America, out to Idaho and Utah. We did it all. And Sweet Pea was soooo good. She traveled well. She had fun. It was a summer to remember.

That's what makes this so hard. The other day, last Thursday to be exact, I had to drop Sweet Pea off at my little sis's house again, you know, school starting and everything. We are so blessed to be able to leave her there during the day while we work. She loves playing with her cousins and she adores my sis. It's just difficult. Though I love my job I am left with the feeling EVERY day that I should be the one with her. We should be spending our days together, making all those new discoveries, playing, learning, growing...I should be taking care of her. But it's just not an option right now. It's a good thing that my sis is so great. She's a wonderful mom, to my little one too. It's a good thing that Kaia loves being there. It's also a good thing that when I come to pick her up she is so excited to see me and come home. It makes the dropping her off part worth it. Gosh, I love that little girl.

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  1. I've got some good pictures to show you! And I gave you a blog award! :)