Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something For Me

Recently I found several different tutorials on how to make an infinity scarf. I like the look of this type of scarf. I've seen them in stores everywhere but I have loads of fabric in my stash and really didn't think I needed to spend money on one. Especially if I could make one out of material I REALLY love. So I read through all the tutorials, and I don't know what's wrong with me, but I could not visualize what they were talking about. I tried. I really did. I reread the steps. I still couldn't understand what was being described. Thankfully there were photographs included in some of the tuts, and I pieced together the steps from several of them until I grasped what they were trying to explain. Now, after making a couple, it seems so easy...makes perfect sense. I will try to explain here, in very plain and simple terms, what I did to make my scarf.

You need a piece of fabric that is approximately 60" long. Mine was closer to 70. The width is up to you. Mine was about 24" wide. (This will make a finished scarf that is 12" wide.) Fold your fabric in half the long way, right sides together.

Now sew a seam the length of your scarf. Basically you are sewing a long tube.

Add a twist in your scarf.

Start to turn your scarf back over itself, taking special care to maintain the twist you put in it. You want to bring the short ends together.
Sew the short ends together around the circumference of the tube. (Hope that makes sense!)

You should leave a 3-4" opening so you can pull the scarf through, the right way. Once you've turned it the right way you can stitch that small opening closed by hand. Voila! You are done!!

Here's my finished scarf. I also made a couple flower pins to go with it. One of them using this tutorial,, the other using this one, tried the bright pink one on with the scarf, I'm not wearing the blue and yellow flower with my awesome new scarf in the photo...but I like it with the stripey shirt too.)



So, I'm off to make another scarf.

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