Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A "Craff" for Sweet Pea

So Sweet Pea loves "craffs". Whenever I get my craft stuff out, or sew, or paint, or draw, she's right there asking if there's a "craff" for her. I've done a lot of impromptu stuff to keep her busy while I play. I can usually give her a pair of scissors and a couple pieces of paper and she's good for a half hour or so. Or I've had her thread beads. She also likes to play with stickers.

Today however, I actually planned a craft specifically for her. Every once in a while, when I'm feeling particularly unselfish, I do that. (I hope all of you who are reading this know that I'm kidding...I don't TRY to be selfish, it's just that when I'm in my groove, creatively speaking, it's hard to stop, even for her.) It really does bring me joy to see her grow artistically though, so I do try to provide opportunities whenever I can for her to stretch herself a bit and create something.

She picked out the bag herself. It's one of those premade canvas bags you can get at any craft/fabric store. She used acrylic craft paint.


We let it dry and then she used a sharpie marker (After much explaining from me that she needed to be very careful and not get it on her clothes, or her skin, or the furniture, or the floor, or the carpet, or the table...she did just great.) I love her little people. LOVE them. I think she said that I'm on there somewhere, and Daddy is too, and so is she, as well as some of her cousins. I couldn't get her to draw everyone because eventually she lost interest.

She loves her bag though. And I love to see her involved, busy, and happy. Time well spent.

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