Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We went to the park the other day, against Superman's better judgement. The weatherman said it was 40 degrees out. My freezing face and hands told me it was 5 degrees. Oh, when? When will you be here spring? We weep for you! We pushed Pumpkin on the swings and tried to slide down the wet, cold slides. And then we gave up and used Superman's camera to take some quick snaps of letters we could find in the playground around us. Here are a few we found:

Superman has a good eye! We had a great time (really quickly because it was so blasted cold), took these pics home, and with the help of photoshop (which I LOVE...It's my fav software EVER) came up with this:

They look pretty cool. (Except that I guess they spell "gisk" which I don't think is a word, but you can see the potential!) And now the creativity begins...stay tuned for more ABC fun...


  1. Ha ha ha, that's so funny. I just sat here for much longer than necessary trying to figure out what you meant by "gisk." :) Very cool. I want to do a whole alphabet!

  2. Me too!! And we're going to. You should see what we did for Pumpkin. It's already hanging up in her room and it looks cooo.ooool.