Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter...ummm just a little bit late

I had a little Easter outfit ALMOST ready for Pumpkin but alas, I did not finish it. More on that later. So we resorted to a dress she already had in her closet. One we got from Target after Easter last year for three whole dollars. Yep. Three. It's a poofy, pink, princess dress that's for sure. Usually not her style. But she princessed it up for me big time for about ten shots before she started twitching, jumping, laughing, skipping, circling the tree, looking for bugs, doing her "hot dog" dance, and sticking her tongue out at me. Little goober.

Happy Easter! And happy, happy spring! We tried to fly a kite today but our faces froze off. Still. Can you believe it? Still. Please, oh please, oh please sunshine...stay (for more than five hours at a time) and warm us up! (P.S. in the pictures above I made Pumpkin take her sweater off so I could see her dress and she kept telling me she was cold. Frown, and sigh.)

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