Sunday, April 3, 2011

My new favorite T

Just wanted to share something else quick before I pack it in and ready myself for work tomorrow...I made myself a tshirt over the break that I really like. I based my top on a post I saw here:

The thing I really love about Kelly's top is the amazing and feminine ruffle around the neckline. I modified my T a bit. I put sleeves on mine. I wanted to be able to wear it without a cardi and I don't wear tanks without a cardi. I also didn't extend the ruffle all the way around the neckline. I finished all seams and edges, including the neckline and the ruffle. (Next time maybe I'll go with a more carefree look and feel and leave the edges raw.) And I extended the length.

I started mine the same way she started hers. I used one of my favorite tshirts as a guide. I folded it, layed it out on my jersey knit fabric, and traced. I did the same for the back. I did the same for the sleeves, which was a bit more difficult, but I did it! The ruffle is, well, basically a really long knit casing. I used a loose running stitch up the middle, gathered the fabric, pinned it in place and sewed it to the shirt. I like it a whole bunch. And I'm going to try it again. I really like the extended length.

Pay no attention to my gross hair and no makeup. I didn't go ANYWHERE today.

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