Friday, December 3, 2010

Another birthday

So, remember this cutie patootie? This is Mini. She's from here. She turned one today. Holey schmoley. One. Still throws me for a loop.

I wanted to make something really special for her, and I will, but she probably won't get it until Christmas. (And that's if I stay motivated. Oh well.) But I did get to make her SOMETHING for her party tomorrow, and I helped out my sister in the process. My sis wanted to make her a birthday outfit and the outfit she envisioned would have been oh so very cute. But alas, she grew short on time and has so much to do tonight to prepare for tomorrow, so I stepped in. This is what I came up the half hour I was able to devote to sewing tonight. (It had to be quick.) I appliqued a "1" on a t-shirt and made a coordinating hair accessory for her to wear in her wild, little mane. I used the same fabric for the yo-yo on the hair clip as I did for the applique. I added some matching lace and a fabulous little yellow button, which I am almost certain will be my sister's favorite part of the whole ensemble as she is a huge fan of yellow. It had to have polka dots on it because that is the theme for her soiree. She will be the belle of her party.

Happy Birthday big girl!


  1. I am glad! It was a great little party. My fav part was when she opened her bee pillow. THAT was cute.