Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My baby turned 3...

My baby isn't a baby anymore. Not even remotely. She is officially a little girl. We invited some cousins and other family members over for a Pinkalicious celebration last week. (sidenote: I still don't know whether to laugh with joy that she is doing all kinds of big girl things now like drinking from a cup, going potty, reading books all by herself, playing with daddy's ipad all by herself, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, etc., etc., or to shed tears of loss that she no longer lets me rock her to sleep, and wants to do EVERYTHING by HERSELF. Kids these days...they just grow up too fast.) Anyway, the party was fun. We let her help us decorate, pick out goodies for cousins, and set up for the party. Here are some highlights.

I cut the cupcakes out of scrapbook paper freehand and used double sided tape to stick them to the goodie bags. There were lots of fun things in those bags but might I recommend NOT distributing Flarp at any party where there are three year olds? It makes fabulous noises and is loads of fun for your three year old with lots of supervision but is SOOO hard to get out of carpet. I LOATHE it.

Here is the giant Pinkalicious cupcake that Kaia had been talking about for days. She couldn't wait to sink her teeth into it. We made it with one of those giant cupcake pans. The ones where you bake the top and bottom of the cupcake and then put it together. There is layer of pink, creamy goodness in the middle. AND, it's a strawberry cupcake. Completely Pinkalicious. There were smaller cupcakes for all the guests. (Not pink, but just as yummy.)

Other super fun highlights:

I appliqued a Pinkalicious "3" on a pink shirt for her to party in.

Sneaking cake to give to Mini. (It's like she's feeding a cute little puppy or something...Mini, you little beggar! I guess everyone likes a good Pinkalicious cupcake.)

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  1. ha ha! That last picture is the bomb. Although i like the snake picture too... she's so funny.