Friday, July 29, 2011

Warm Summer Rain

It's been raining a lot here. Much more then I remember being typical of July. We have mushrooms growing in our yard. And the grass is lush, soft, and green, you know, when it is usually crusty, dry, and almost brown. Our yard is so awesome. It's the kind of grass you just want to lay down and nap in. Or wiggle your bare feet in. I will not complain about the rain because it is making my flowers and plants in the backyard grow like jungle foliage. I. Love. It. Anyway, the best rain by far is the rain that comes in the wee hours of a summer morning. I love waking to the soft pitter patter of rain drops on the roof. I love the splashes on the window. I love the cool breezes that come with it. I love that it seems to wash the dry, thirsty earth clean. I love the smell of it. I also love it when later on in the day the clouds part, and the sun comes out and warms the wet earth, and everything is just so alive.

About a week ago we had this kind of rain. Sweet Pea woke up and she could hear it. She woke Daddy up and declared happily, "It's raining!" She had looked out the back patio window. "There's a lake! I can wear my rain boots!" He thought that was a great idea and took her out for some early morning frolicking in the rain. I sleep with earplugs so I didn't hear any of this. I woke up to an empty house however, and when I went looking for them this is what I found:

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