Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Some Summer Fun" or " Why I Don't Blog More Frequently"

This month has gone by in a blur. And there are still so many things I need and want to accomplish THIS month. But there's a reason I haven't gotten to it all. Lots of reasons really. We've been doing some of this:
Pumpkin enjoyed the fuzzy bunnies. A lot. But her heart truly belonged with the chickens. Gross. I tried to point out every other cute, warm, fuzzy thing there but she kept going back to the chickens over and over again. And again. And again.
My nephew preferred the goats, there were some pretty tiny ones there. I think that he might have thought he would be able to sneak this one home in his pocket. Superman really kind of took to the teeny, tiny baby camel. Just a few weeks old. So wobbly and adorable.
We've also been doing this:
This was Pumpkin's first boat ride. She LOOOOOOOVED it. A lot.
And this:
Her latest masterpiece. I love this one. She does this thing when she paints...compartmentalizes. Her yellow stays with her yellow. Her green does not mix with any other colors. Blue stays blue. It's kind of weird. But I like it. This one is now hanging in my bedroom directly across from my bed. I get to look at it a lot and it makes me smile.
There was this:
This is Pumpkin's first cotton candy, well technically not her first. Her first was a couple weeks earlier at a local festival. But this summer was her first time eating it. She thinks it's delicious, fluffy clouds. Her personal fav is the pink because, of course, it's Pinkalicious, but she'll eat any of it. (This is also gross to me. Oh well.)
Squeezing together in the seat on the Ferris wheel. She thought this was a blast despite the scrunchy face she's making. She laughed hysterically while I got sick. That's crazy because I love roller coasters. The round and round things really make me want to hurl though.
She went on the swings, the carousel, and almost every other ride in the park, except for the roller coaster and bumper cars. That was not because she didn't want to. She was devastated when the park worker told her she was just a little too short for the bumper cars. Just devastated. So we took her on a pony ride. The last thing we did before going home.
I think she thought it was an adequate substitute.
And then some of this:
Pumpkin can dig. And dig. And dig. She is a regular beach bum. This particular afternoon we were just about the only ones there. It was great. And the waves were just big enough to be exciting for her. She was a little apprehensive in the beginning but the longer we were there the braver she got. I had to run out after her a couple times. I didn't want her to get sucked out with the current.
Just look at this smile! I think I'm the luckiest mom in the world!

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