Friday, March 4, 2011

Mixed media update

I've been working on my mixed media project and it's coming along. I added some transfers to the canvas, all pictures of Pumpkin over the past three years. You start with a computer print, on a regular piece of printer paper, you apply an even coat of gel medium (I use Blick) to the print side of the paper. You lay the print on your canvas, where you want the transfer to be, and press firmly, starting in the center and working your way out all the way around. (You're trying to remove any wrinkles and/or air bubbles.) Let the transfer sit for a while. After a time you should be able to peel up a corner to see if the ink is adhered to the canvas. If most of the ink stays on the canvas then you can begin peeling the top layer of paper off. This is what I was left with, and while I enjoy the process, I wasn't sure if I liked the product in this case.

Not really very cohesive, and I wasn't at all sure where to go from here. But this is what I did next:

See the vine there? The color is a bit off in the above photo. Next I added detail and shadows to the vine. And cut out a whole bunch of leaves from some handmade paper. I painted detail on the leaves and then glued them to the vine.
That's all I have for tonight. It's not finished yet. But again, I'm not sure where to go from here. I think it's good for my students to be able to see my artistic process though, and that even someone who's been producing artwork for years gets stuck. We all have some successes and some failures...I was just hoping this would be a success. We shall see!

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