Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's done

So, here are the deets on my mixed media piece. It is 24" x 30". It's on a canvas panel. I used the following materials to complete it:
tissue paper
mod podge
cotton fabric
handmade paper
hot glue
printer transfers
gel medium

ummmm, and I think that might be it.

Here is the finished product. I added a bit of prose I wrote that I feel really captures who my daughter is at heart. And, for the record, I like it now. I might even hang it in her room.

My Little Dancer

She is a rough and tumble kid, an expert runner, jumper, climber, skipper, tumbler, and any given moment she has quite a collection of bruises, bumps, and scrapes...battle scars from her adventures. But she will pull her hot pink tutu from her pile of frilly fru fru and turn her three year old face to me and suddenly she is a dancer. She tells me she needs to find her "slips" so she can dance. I help her put them on and she leaps and twirls. She is the most beautiful dancer I've ever seen...

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