Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work in progress...

So the only thing I've had time for lately isn't even "post worthy". Not really. It's not crafty, not artsy, not family oriented, or remotely interesting even. Oh well. This is what I've been able to squeeze in downstairs in my craft area.
A little bit of organizing. And now that I've separated my buttons into these fabulous Ball jars by color, I realize that I want to do something completely different with them. The jars I mean. Ah, such is life. Maybe there is something else down there for me to put the buttons in. I also sorted my fat quarters by color families. Only a portion of my collection is showing because, if you recall, I'm a fat quarter addict. There are LOTS of fat quarters down there. I need more plastic containers. Lots more plastic containers. And time. Lots more time.


  1. I love it all organized by color. I should do that. Instead of the "heap everything on the desk" thing I have going now. ANd I LOVE those jars. Where did you get those? They're a cool shape. What are you going to do with them instead?

  2. I want to make pin cushions. Sort of. You know, on the top. And then I can still store stuff inside. Like pins. Well, I don't know. We'll see. I just thought that they would make great gifts. If I can put one together that looks decent I'll post it.

  3. it sounds really cute.

    and btw, I gave you another award today! But you don't have to post about it right away... you're a busy teacher.