Monday, October 11, 2010

Partay in the ER

The other night, three nights ago to be exact, we were playing a fun bedtime game with Pumpkin. It's called "Chase Pumpkin" or, "I'm going to get you". Anyway, Superman was announcing in his big, loud voice that he was going to get her and she was screaming and laughing with delight and running around trying to get away from him. She ran into her bedroom and threw herself down on the pile of pillows that she likes to dive onto and hide under. They are right by her bed. On her way down she also threw her head into the edge of her bed with a sickening "crack!" I was sitting on the floor in her bedroom laughing and shouting with them. I knew as soon as it happened, and I heard the awful sound, that this would be serious. Pumpkin let out a scream like I've never heard before. I grabbed her and cuddled her taking a closer look at the gaping wound right above her eye. It was flapping open. Sorry for the grossness. Ack! A trip to the ER was surely in order. Superman ran in and started gagging when he caught sight of the blood. (His one you thought it was kryptonite.) So to sum up the rest of the evening, we sped over to the emergency room. An hour and a half later (and some lidocaine and a shot, lots of screaming (from fear and pain), and three people holding her down) we left the ER with three huge stitches. Here they are in all their glory. My poor, little, beautiful Pumpkin! We stopped at McD's on the way home because chocolate shakes make EVERYTHING better. By the looks of this goofy grin you wouldn't even guess that she had gotten hurt!

Here she is the next morning, playing with some magic noodles. She was such a little trooper. And she hasn't picked at her bandaid at all. Amazing!

And here she is after another LOOOOONG day of playing hard, running around, riding her trike, and throwing herself on the pillow pile despite the stitches. She's a bit of a bruiser really. The only girly thing about her, as I've stated before, is the tutu she insists on wearing. I'm actually really surprised. You know, that she made it to nearly three, and it was the FIRST time we partied with the doctors in the ER...


  1. that first pic isn't at the er, is it?? Because if she was smiling at the er after it all, that would just be crazy! :)

    I've noticed she's been really good about leaving it alone. She doesn't touch it at all.

  2. Oh no. That pic was after a bath. She's almost always happier after a bath. She was pretty shaken up at the ER! I'm glad she's not picking at it. If we're lucky the stitches will be out on Wednesday!