Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can't resist a steal

We'll be traveling this month and we're excited.  We really haven't been on many vacations, Superman and I, in the 11 years we've been married.  Maybe three?  And I don't count our honeymoon.  Which was like a two day thing a few hours from home.  

We'll have others with us on this trip including littles so I decided to make some "busy bags" for them for the long car ride.  

I found these bags at Best Buy of all places.  They were UGLY, to say the least.  But sturdy and perfect in every other way, including the fact that they were a penny.  Yep, one little cent each.  So great.

They are made of an extra heavy-duty felt.  I have lots of felt, fabric, ribbon, and buttons in my stash, so when I discovered that I couldn't remove the icky embellishments off the bags I just hot glued stuff on top.

I started with large rectangular pieces of felt that I glued fabric to.  These were glued to the bags.  I cut out big felt letters and glued those to the bags.  Then I made some felt flowers and glued those to the girly bags, and added ribbons.  I glued some colorful buttons to the boy bags. I think the kiddos will love them and probably use them the whole week, not just in the car. I spent a whole four cents.  That makes me smile.  That means that I can use the money I saved to fill them up. 


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