Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

My wonderful and super talented lil' sis asked me to stop byand share something pumpkin related this week for “Pumpkinspiration” and I washappy to oblige. BUT, given the state ofmy life right now it’s break neck pace I had certain criteria my pumpkinproject had to meet. First I didn’t havetime to go out and find materials. Second, I didn’t want to spend any money on said materials. Third, it had to take me one sitting,because, of course, I don’t have time for much more than that, not to mentionpatience (I don’t have much of that either). So I chose a throw pillow. Hereit is:

Sort of cute. Iactually like it. And very easy.
First I looked through my stash and found the fabric Iwanted to use. I also had fiber fill soI spent zero dollars on my project. Here’s the fabric I picked out:
I cut my orange fabric into strips of different widths. I cut a rectangle out of the green fabric, aswell as three strips.

I sewed my orange strips together length wise, placing rightsides together and stitching a quick seam. I did this with all of them. Ipressed my seams and turned my “pieced” fabric over. Nice.

Then I cut two large squares from my gray knit fabric. I drew a pumpkin shape, including stem, outon one of the large knit squares with a fabric marker.

Then I pinned myorange fabric, right side up against the back of my knit where the pumpkin wasdrawn out, and the green rectangle, right side up against the back of my knitwhere the stem was drawn out.
I sewed a quick running stitch just on the outer edge of mydrawing. I removed pins and used ascissors to cut my gray knit pumpkin and stem out to reveal the cute orange andgreen fabric underneath. It’s a reverseappliqué.

I gathered my three green strips and sewed them on below mypumpkin to look like vines.

I pinned my two gray knit squares, right sides together andsewed around the perimeter. I left asmall opening, turned my pillow right side out, stuffed it, and sewed ittogether by hand. There you haveit! Easy. Fast. And kind of cute. And zero dollars spent. Happiness all round. Today when she saw it, my daughter asked meif it was hers or mommy’s. Smile.

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