Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Weekend

We're enjoying a pretty great autumn around these parts. (We had a very brief little cold snap for about, oh I don't know, threeish days but other than that...beautiful.) Our grass is green and lush, the temps have been warm but not too warm, the leaves are turning all kinds of wonderful, and I'm loving it. Tonight, as I'm typing this I can hear the pitter patter of a gentle rain. It smells like autumn. It looks like autumn. But it feels like early summer days. I hope it lasts just a little bit longer. Last weekend we decided to get out of town to see the colors. We took Pumpkin on a hike. She super-duper loved it! Her favorite part was running off the trail and climbing up the rocks and over tree trunks, tripping all the way. These are some pics from our adventure. Right out of the camera...

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