Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First day of 4K!

Well, school has been in session for a whole nine weeks now.  I know this because not only am I a teacher (which is still the best. job. ever. thank you very much. other than motherhood of course, but that goes without saying) but because Sweet Pea is in school now. 4K. It's the big time. She's not full days yet but she's every day and she is into it in a big way. And I am glad. I hope she keeps that "I'm so happy to be going to school because learning is fun and I love my teacher" feeling for as long as possible. I work with too many kids who have decided to quit. At everything. Yes, I do work in a high school and some may say that high school students, teenagers specifically, are like that. But I think that's still way to young to give up on life and your future. Maybe I should take this picture to school with me. I could project it on the smartboard. Maybe they could take a lesson from my Sweet Pea. School is AWESOME. Learning something new is FANTASTIC. It's okay to LOVE books, and numbers, and letters, and playtime, and craft time, and gym, and friends, and teachers, and even homework! It's COOL to know things! YAY for school!

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